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We Have Solutions

We have solutions today to create a safer, healthier, more sustainable world – and you can help

Fires, floods, bigger storms and hurricanes, drought...  Climate change is scary.  

But we have solutions and it's easy and affordable for everyone to help and make a difference.  In fact, together we can make a big impact!

40% of U.S. climate emissions come from basic activities we do every day like using energy at home and how we get around.  The great news - there are now easy, money saving options that can lower our impact and create other benefits like improving our health and creating local jobs. 

In short - we have the power today to fight climate change, save money and improve our lives.

Did you know most people are concerned about climate change?   Like you, most people care and want to help but are not sure where to start.  BrightAction makes it easy to learn about solutions and find actions that are right for you.

You are probably already doing some of these actions!  Sign up and see what you are already doing and how you compare to others in your area.  The best part – you can work with others in your community!  Whether it’s your friends, book club, faith community, co-workers, neighbors, or any other community you belong to, you can join and work together to make an impact.

Sign up today, invite your community and take action!  Together we can create a safer, healthier future and a better today.

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